We aim to co-create a welcoming village
based on natural living, open-learning & self-organisation,
embodying a regenerative culture.
A community of all ages, working for the common good
& the generations to come, doing it with love, while having fun!
We hope this place will inspire many others and
 contribute to build a resilient & solidarity network,
locally & world wide...

 Afbeelding invoegen


Harmonic development in pristine nature
Living healthy and naturally, with vitality and in prosperity
Expanding your own work/activities/passion, with low cost of living
Shaping our little village together, an organic and flexible proces of growth
Each takes responsability, has it's own space and input

Creativity, communal activities, spiritual core
Personal growth, pursuing your highest potential
'New Times' living, developing and propagating
A carrying community, living in connectedness
intertwined with Unity consiousness


'Become the change you want to see in the World' 


Pierrefitte will become a self-sufficient, durable and ecological village, 
where people can live together in a more natural, harmonic and healthy way 
and where vision and inspiration can be found for the creation of a new world..
 Four pillars:             Harmony                 Health               Regenerative           Creative

To really experience harmony, to live in it and to create this, that takes connection: with yourself, with each other 
and with nature. This makes us peaceful and brings us to a grateful awareness for all that is. 

We live in connection...
- with ourselves: we are our own unique self and develop our talents. We grow on a personal level, pursuing our highest potential and live our passion step by step. 
with each other: we live together in our little village, that we govern together and in which we each take up our own unique place. We help or support each other, care for the environment, are of service and take time to share, to enjoy or to celebrate, to experience connection and friendship and at the same time are free to keep our own space.
- with nature: we live in tune with nature, in rhythm with the seasons and we experience and honour nature in all her aspects. We are caring for nature and her inhabitants, we provide nourishment for ourselves and for nature through organic gardening, a food forest, flower meadows,...and the keeping of chickens, bees,... We attentively build the contact and bond with the Earth. 

A connected Field that regenerates through being connected 


We live healthy.
We do this by eating food that is as natural as possible, 
by being able to experience life in a befitting rhythm and experience silence and tranquility.
We are a healing community.
We take care of our body, with the possibility of support and acces to information and consulting. 
We take care of our soul by personal development and growth, with space for mentoring, healing,...
There are spiritual activities, focused on connection, such as ceremonies, rites of passage, thank and honour or grieving rituals.We give and facilitate education, training, workshops, (sound)healing, yoga-classes, sweat lodges, qi gong,... 




We use healthy and durable materials to renovate and build, 
and gain know-how that we can propagate through training, workshops,...

Our footprint is as small as possible, among other things we do this by using what we have sparsely, 
purifying our waste water with a plant filter and to continue growing and developing in this.
We make our space into a better place!

We are self-sufficient: we grow our own food, take care of our water and energy supplies. 

We develop sustainable techniques and energy and propagate this to the world!

 We live connected to each other,
 & throughout the generations.

 Creative: ground in your full potential!                    

We live our passion: we do our own thing from personal 'drive', with love.
We work together for the design, development and anchoring of the village community. 
You will be supported to gain your own income: to do your own thing, in your own pace.
We live attentively, with respect and dedication and also focus on being of service to our environs.
We live our creativity and creation, we create beauty and therefrom abundance.
We enrich ourselves by acquiring and passing on knowledge and skills.
We shape our reality through the Path of Creation.