8Shields is an American organisation, that originates from the teachings of the indigenous peoples like the Apache, the Haudenosaunee,             the San Bushmen, that were used in Survival- en Wilderness-schools, at which was noticed
that when children grow up surrounded by nature and people that live in a connected way, and give specific attention to observing, stimulating (mentoring) and acknowledging (anchoring) the talents and gifts of these children, whereby a lot of space is given to exploring for themselves,
learning in their own way/pace, being listened to, paying attention to 'expanding awareness' and getting appropriate responsabilities
that these children developed certain qualities (attributes) as they grow up, that make them balanced and powerful adults, who in turn pass this on, among other things through role modeling, causing a nourishing cultural Field, that sustains itself across generations.

This is something that is actually very old and can still be found in some tribes, like the San Bushmen.
It is our primordial way of living together, that brings us to what it means to be really human...to live in reality.

This led 8Shields to the development of their model, that wants to be an action model, to support connection.
It wants to facilitate a reconnecting, regenerative culture, for young and old, where modeling has an important role. 
The action model is very refined and extensive, the 'Eight Attributes of Connection'
(these are the qualities that were seen developing with the children) are the guidelines.

 The model is also intensively connected to the eight wind directions,
as well as to the eight different phases of life that we go through as human beings.
All of this led to a system of 512 culturale elements (=8x8x8) and aspects
upon which we can focus in creating sustainable connection and cultural regeneration,
so each and everyone can grow into his own unique self
and will take his full place in a loving community
that enduringly takes care of itself, the other and the Earth.

They developed a number of learning paths (pathways) and mentoring-trajectories, where you delve deeper into certain aspects
and learn how you can apply this in your own environs, organisation or village/community. 
Furthermore they maintain contacts with the San Bushmen and organise immersion trips.
Are you fascinated by their vision and approach? Then be sure to check out their website! https://8shields.org
They offer a lot of interesting webinars, training, workshops, books and online material...
Also there are regular online courses, events and short weekend of week courses.
                                  For us it is a lasting source of inspiration :)