We believe it is our intrinsic nature as a human to live connected, 
with each other, with nature and with ourselves.
To be part of a bigger whole, in which we may take up our own, unique place, with our qualities and talents. 
Where we help each other, can work together and share (things, experiences, life).

To develop yourself along the way, getting closer to your true self and your highest potential... 
Connected in friendship and in harmony with your surroundings! 
And thus giving shape to the world around you, to your relationships and the way you deal with things in life, 
to create something with passion and durably enjoy the beauty that arises from this!

We think it is important to live in a natural environment, that is pure and where peace can be found, 
without WiFi, without pollution...where we can grow food and water comes from a well.
Where we experience the seasons and live in a different pace. 
Where animals are at home and children grow up in a natural way, surrounded by joyfull adults. 
We want the living together in Pierrefitte to arise from a commonly shared vision, 
held by the residents' council, that will refine and deepen itself along the way.

Nature Connection and Cultural Mentoring, as put forward by the organisation 8Shields
a great source of inspiration! (see 8Shields)
 Aswell the core values of the Manifest One Planet One People! (see One People One Planet )

Taking responsability, being connected and experiencing gratitude are part of this.
To really experience harmony, to live in it and to create it...
So you can live out your dreams with passion and joy! 


Our homes will be renovated with natural materials, as ecological and durable as possible, 
whereby the costs of living stay low and we try to become self-sustaining.
Where each can develop their own activities, learn new things and in their own way participate in the social life, 
have an eye for the needs, take time to 'be' and take care of his environment with love and respect. 
Knowing that all is connected to eachother and to the Earth.

LIVING in this way, in which you can both do your own thing and helping in the bigger whole, 
gives us as humans a deep satisfaction and joy of life. 
Taking responsability and living your own passion, is it an inspiring combination.

At Pierrefitte there is space to shape or renovate your own house, 
to expand your professional activities and to do this, embedded in an empowering village weave, 
where you can find support, help if needed and everyone treats each other and the environment with care...
Room for your own spot, included in a bigger whole.

Also important, is to 'convey', to let others enjoy your experience, insights and knowledge.
Among other things, we want to develop a training and knowledge center, where workshops, courses and training will be given, 
where consulting and individual trajectories are possible, with acces to an extensive library, lectures, practical tips & tools 
and very much information about nutrition, regenerative gardening, energy,...
Because this form of living together is not really known and supported from the juridical society, 
it concerns real pioneering: to create a shape into which everything fits, 
both the whole and the different parts can come into being leisurely and grow, 
with an eye on the development and preservation of the arising activities.

This is something we will do together, as a growing village.
By having regular deliberations the vision and approach will be refined,this way, 
everyone's activities in combination with life in a village commmunity will find it's shape,
adjusted to the actual requirements, demands and needs, 
so this is not fixed beforehand. 


Thus comes into being a community that is peaceful and joyful, where beauty and passion are a guide line 
and we live together in a new way, more tuned into what it is to be 'human', 
each in their own pace and always connected to (the rhythm) of nature, 
to fully use your talents and enjoy the satisfaction this brings...

                                          Come and take part, add your color to this brilliant domain and create together with us Pierrefitte!