How will this work practically?

At this moment we are looking into ways to legally enshrine the grounds, so that the domain is protected against disintegration in the long run. Concerning the purchase itself, we would prefer to do this with multiple/more interested parties, but to buy a relative big part as a couple is also an option, much without significant bank debts.
At the moment, we are being advised in this matter by several bureau's, to achieve a solid juridical and administrative form,
that is also favorable concerning taxes etc...
One possibility is to set up a SCI (société civile immobilière) in France, through purchasing shares you then join the SCI and become co-owner.
Furthermore we are looking into the requirements and consequences
of the different possibilities for starting up own activities on a small scale,
so we can support future residents in this.

Our goal is to be facilitator and participate at the same time.

There will be different fases in the build up of Pierrefitte (see the subpages),
whereby the input of the residents each time will influence the ultimate result,
together we shape our village!

The subdivision of the barns into living units, the activities on the land and in the ateliers, the concrete agreements and the division of work,
all this will always be decided in conversation, starting from a shared basis vision.
Do you have questions or are you interested?
Mail us!
There are informative evenings and visiting times.
August  & November we were in Pierrefitte and gave the first tours of the grounds :)
In February and March 2019 there were two more informative evenings
and at Easter a third visiting time.

 Soon there will be a new, general mailing with more news,
until then there are no more informative evenings or visit periods planned.
If you want to be kept up to date, send us an email and we will put you on our mailing list.

There will be the possibility to sponsor the project or become a sympathy shareholder!