Phase 2: remodelling the barns and expanding the activities.

After the core group has been able to establish itself, the renovations will continue and more people can join,
who will during their time of renovation also stay in a caravan or garden house,
can use the common sanitary, the living kitchen and washing space.

Some barns will also be turned into stables or work ateliers.
This so residents can be accommodated to house their activities (micro-entreprises) here.
For this a (small) rent fee will be asked, that will cover the expenses and collective costs.

A horse stable can be exploitated in this phase,
where the horses preferably are worked from a holistic point of view,
with the objective of personal growth. 
The expansion of activities means that you can choose what you would like to do to gain an income,
as long as it fits within the vision of Pierrefitte and it's residents.
By setting up micro-entreprises (something with which we will support you administratively)
you have social security at once and under a certain amount you can earn money without paying (much) taxes.
You will not become rich but since we try to keep life costs in Pierrefitte as low as possible, it will certainly be enough
to provide your livelihood, pay your costs and preserve some money.
This way you can be involved with the things you are passionate for on a daily base!

In phase 2 the group of residents is being expanded with about five more couples (not all at once persé) and some singles,
depending on who announces him- or herself really...
The collective part will take more shape, the operation of the non-profit association will be expanded
and the village offerings will grow: a small camp ground, drawing up walking routes, constructing a small parking lot,...