Phase 1: purchase and renovation

During the first phase, when the purchase is completed, mainly we'll be renovating the existing buildings.
The first residents will be able to choose, in mutual agreement, who wants to live where.
You will handle the renovation of your living unit for the biggest part yourself.

By buying materials in unison or having certain constructions done everywhere at once, we hope to cut costs but renovating
ecological and durable is paramount! Ofcourse we will also help eachother, it will be question of finding a collective pace.
There will be a small joinery and there will be the possibility of using local materials if this turns our to be profitable,
for example wood for flooring.
So we are looking for people with some knowledge, experience or practical skills.
In the Morvan it is expected to remodel and renovate within the authentic style,
which is gorgeous and very much adapted to the climate (breathing walls, heat from a fire).

In the Maison du Parc at Saint Brisson a lot of information can be found
and there are even architects who stand at the ready to give advice.
So it is mainly a matter of just DOing it :)

A non-profit association will be established to renovate and exploit the castle, that (in fase 2-3) will become a knowledge and training center, with spaces for trainings, workshops, healing, meditation, dance,...with a certain capacity for guests.
There will also be an extended library and a consulting feature. The practical maintenance of the castle will be part of the communal tasks.

In fase 1 there is room for about 3 couples and 4 singles, during the time of renovation you will have a caravan or garden house to stay in,
the sanitary at that moment will be common and you can always use the living kitchen and washing space.

As core group we will gather on a regular basis and decide together about all kinds of things:
handling of the renovations, steering of the group processes, collective activities, dividing of tasks, avoiding conflict, caring for the garden and the animals,...and how we can help eachother when needed.

Our goal is to grow as a group into a structure that gives a place to everyone and where all feel well.
Where you can use your talents for the good of everyone and where you can be yourself.
Everyone decides for himself the extend of his involvement but there is a certain basic commitment that is expected of all.