Phase 3: finish castle, transform dependance, renovate ruin at La Forge, clean up the pond, extending activitities.

In this phase most of the building will be renovated into housing, whereat the residents can generate their own income.
Some assisted-living units will be furnished, as well as tumbleweed-houses intented for retreats.

The castle will be finished and after moving the living-kitchen, office and reception area, the dependance will be transformed
into a six-bedroom first floor and a hall with eating space and an operational catering kitchen downstairs.

The ruin at La Forge (down the road) will be renovated into a gîte d'étappe with bedrooms upstairs
and a kitchen and sanitary block downstairs, that can be rented by pilgrims for passing the night or for hosting courses/training. 

The cheeshouse will be transformed into it's new destination, the gardens will be fine-tuned and the pond will be dredged and cleaned. 

In this phase all that exists, will expand.

There will be renting-formulas for staying, possibilities of a retreat,
the operation of the non-profit association will grow,
there will be a small store with regional (and craft) products,
maybe we'll start building the orangery...

What will be, is strongly dependend of the residents and can not be foresaid!

Our little village will slowly find it's prettiest shape,
thanks to the creative inspiration and efforts of the residents and supporters :)
Together we make the world more beautiful!