Phase 2: continue to renovate the buildings and barns, construction of campsite, start castle renovation and expansion of activities.

After the core group has been able to establish itself, the renovations will continue and more people can join,
who will during their time of renovation also stay in a caravan or garden house,
can use the common sanitary, the living-kitchen and washing space.

The middle part of the barn further down the road (La Forge) will be renovated
and turned into a living-kitchen, a hall on the first floor and a small gîte under the roof.

Renovating the castle starts with stripping and rebuilding it from the inside, as said before, different functions will be harboured underneath one roof:
* a beautifull living-kitchen with an eating/meeting space, that will look out onto the gorgeous castle meadow
   (the practical maintenance of the living-kitchen will be part of the communal tasks)
* in the right wing there will be a restaurant (with an orangery later on), above which there will be an appartement for the exploiters 
* a few hotel rooms, possibly in the form of chambre d'hôtes or gîte
* spaces for courses/workshops, healing, meditation,...
* there will be an extensive library with the possibility of consultation-activities.
* a concierge-appartement in the left wing

A small campsite and parking will be constructed, with a meadow for tents and elsewhere a few spaces for mobilehomes.
We'll have to look at what can be done with the small cheesehouse, that will partly have to renovated...
The gardens will continue to be build and planted and durable technnologies will be implemented where possible!
The swimming pool will be renovated and intercalated in a heating system.


The expansion of activities means that you can choose what you would like to do to gain an income,
as long as it fits within the vision of Pierrefitte and it's residents. 

Setting up a micro-entreprise can be the first step towards your own thriving business.
This small form of enterprise has a few advantages: the administrative requirements are rather small,
you have social security at once and under a certain amount you can earn money without paying (much) taxes.
You will not become rich but since we try to keep life costs in Pierrefitte as low as possible,
it will certainly be enough to provide your livelihood, pay your costs and preserve some money.
This way you can be involved with the things you are passionate for on a daily base!

It is our intention, if necessary, to support you administratively with the founding of your micro-entreprise,
so you can have a smooth start-up! Ofcourse, you can also choose a 'bigger' kind of enterprise,
depending of what you want and can, there are many forms, going from entrepreneur to limited liability or even a corporation...

Also the activities we want to expand in our village can now be devised and started.
This can be your own activities for example workshops (like yoga-classes, crafts,...)
as well as activities we'll organise together for example an Equinox-celebration, Open House day,...
This is something that will gradually take shape and from a joint decision, in line with Pierrefitte's vision.

In phase 2 the group of residents is being expanded with about four or five couples (not all at once persé) and a few singles,
depending on who announces him- or herself really...
The collective-part will take more shape, the operation of the non-profit association will be expanded and the village offerings will grow.
We also mean to connect ourselves to the existing walking routes, become part of the tourist network,...