Since our group has gotten bigger, 
we are currently working to find a juridical form 
that fits the purchase, start-up and anchoring of our project
So these pages are under construction
and do not represent the current situation!
We hope to have the website updated fully by the end of the year...
Thank you for your understanding!

How will the purchase and start-up proceed?

After thoroughly studying the different possibilities to anchor the grounds as safe as possible, a basic form is taking shape, 
so that the domain is protected in the long run against disintegration and a fading of vision. 
The approach of the purchase also has an influence on the above, so a few options are kept open.

Concerning the purchase itself, we would prefer to do this with multiple interested parties, but due to the complex situation this is not an option. For starters we'll arrange the purchase as a couple. Since we want to archieve this without significant bank debts, we are momentarily looking into the possibilities of sponsoring or donations.

Afterwards a number of legal entities will be established in France, one of them being an SCI (Société Civiele Immobilière), 
with this you can join in the village through the purchase of shares, thus becoming a co-owner and having your own house/living unit in a form that is favorable concerning taxes and succession. When you choose to leave us, you can sell your shares and recovering your investment, taking into account renovations you've done.

We will continue to pay attention to this and seek counselling for the most optimal juridical and administrative structure, 
because legislation is always changing and new evolutions sometimes require adjustments. 
Our main goal is to manage the village in a healthy structure, so Pierrefitte can remain to exist, moving with the times...

Furthermore we are looking into the requirements and consequences 
of the different possibilities for starting up your own (small scale) activities, 
so we can support future residents in this.

Our goal is to be facilitator and participate at the same time.
There will be different fases in the build up of Pierrefitte 
(see Phase 1 (Engl), Phase 2 (Engl), Phase 3 (Engl))
whereby the input of the residents each time will influence the ultimate result, 
together we gradually shape our village!


 Do you have questions or are you interested? 
Mail us!
There are informative evenings and visiting times!
In August and November of 2018 we were in Pierrefitte and gave the first tours of the grounds :)


In February and March 2019 we held some more informative evenings, 
followed by visiting periods during the Easter holiday and the Fall holiday.
At the moment we are looking into when the next visiting period will be held.
If you want to be kept up to date, send us an email and we'll put you on our mailinglist.

There will also be a possibility to sponsor the project or become a sympathy shareholder!