Since our group has gotten bigger, we are adapting the development of the project
So these pages are under construction
and do not represent 
the whole project at this moment!

Thank you for your understanding!
The hameau consists of a living/working area (ownership through holding shares) 
and the castle Pierrefitte (governed by a non-profit organisation)

Living/working area:

Core group
* permanent residents, grows in phases (maximum capacity for the whole domain: 56 inhabitants, kids included → +- 33 adults)                                     
* longterm-tenants can be a part of this maximum-capacity, we want to let this arise organically

Renovations: separate living-units (appartments, studio's, houses), scattered throughout the domain.

Communal part:
       * living kitchen, accesible and available for everyone
       * deepen and elaborate the vision, growth and expansion of Pierrefitte
       * shared tasks concerning the biogarden/orchard/animals (chickens, bees, goats, fish,...)
                                                    general maintenance and managing the supply of fire wood

Possible professional activities:
       * renovate ecologically, rocket stoves, tile or clay stoves, micro-turbines, isolation with hemp fiber
       * carpentry (building tumbleweeds, …) handyman, gardener
       * wanted professions in the area: nursing and doctors, baker, mechanic, smith
       * B&B – catering for educational centre- facilitate pilgrimage – bushcraft activities
       * horse trekking (holistic approach)
       * possibility of a house with a studio space for (old) crafts, artists,...
       * possibility of using the domain for holding workshops, courses/training
       * exploiting a small restaurant in the castle & occupying the appartement above it, providing breakfast for guests (opt.)

Activities of the non-profit organisation (long term):
      * small campground, gîtes (d'étappe), small number of hotelrooms, retreat cottages, tree huts,...
      * renting out meadows for survival camps, vision quests,...
      * exploiting the castle: training and knowledge center with accommodation, organising activities, restaurant
      * regional products store with tourist information (Mt. Beuvray,...) and a booking service
      * meals on wheels (a lot of eldery people in the region), shop service maybe,...

Group of members:
      * supportive
      * can rent spaces for own activities
      * temporary stay /seasonal residents or tenants
      * participate in communal activities
      * family, friends, volunteers
      * participants of formations/workshops/retreat/tourist stay

Castle Pierrefitte (non-profit organisation):

Refurbishment of the dependance:
      * temporary office, reception area and living kitchen with eating/meeting space
      * activity hall (first floor)
      * furnishing catering kitchen (basis is already in place)
      * sanitary block with washing place
      * lodging for temporary volunteers (four rooms with ensuite)
      * after the renovation of the castle, the activity hall will be moved to downstairs, as a space for courses/training
         and the first floor will be transformed into sleeping accommodation for participants 

Renovating the castle and transforming it to:
      * training and knowledge center: spaces for courses/workshops/training/consulting
      * hotelrooms, chambre d'hôtes, gîte
      * small restaurant with appartement above
      * housing for concierge
      * living kitchen and eating/meeting space
      * office, reception, library
The emphasis for us is that all this is done ecologically.


Renovating ecologically: (and in the typical Morvan-style)
      * isolation that can breathe (hemp)
      * rocket stove (complete combustion, low C02-emission)
      * local materials, energy efficient
      * ...
Low impact on environment:
      * limitation of the amount of residents
      * purifying waste water via plant filter
      * ...
Bio gardening:
      * the soil has been organically exploited for the past 15 years, this will be continued 
      * using local and native varieties as much as possible
      * regenerative gardening will be the main approach

      * small scale
      * servicable to environment (answering to local needs)
      * being as self-sufficient as possible

Car sharing/joint washing machines and utensils/...

We want to buy and renovate without (big) bank loans.
Preferable we'd like to have a mixture of nationalities, certainly not just Belgians.
We've been following a number of communities for quite some time, visiting them and having conversations, to learn from their experiences.