Initial starters: Glenn & Joyz

Already since 2012 we looked into possibilities to live in a community or to buy a property ourselves and start a community. But in Belgium we couldn't find something that fitted our needs: too small, too expensive, too much regulations, close to large farming companies,...

During a holiday in France, we passed by in the Morvan,
visiting friends and instantly fell in love with this gorgeous region!
While driving around in the area, by chance we came across a lovely little valley
with a fairy tale castle...hameau Pierrefitte.

We felt right at home there, the energy of this wonderfull place is almost magic!
 Here, all of our plans and more is possible!
There is so much space and quiet peace...because it is a 'parc naturel' ,
with no big cities of industrial activity,
so the air and the water is very clean...what more could we wish for?


Because we entered a fase in our lives, where is was actually possible to moving to France, we decided to go for it!
Back home we searched for the owner of the property and, amazingly, he turned out to be Belgian.
He agreed to meet with us and since then we've been in the exploring and preparing fase for a possible purchase.
Also we gained advice at several places/organisations in France and the Morvan, to have a closer look at the actual options.
Turns out a lot is possible in the Morvan!

We are looking forward to giving new life to this place, together with other pioneers,
who feel challenged to become a part of the hameau-eco Pierrefitte :)