Welcome in Pierrefitte, a domain of 140 hectare in the Haut-Morvan,
a wonderful little place where the water still flows pure 
and the silence is embellished by the sound of a hundred birds!

The Morvan (+- 650km from Brussels) is a Parc Naturel, that consists for more than 50% of forests.
There are sloping meadows, many lakes and old, small villages.
Because it is a Parc Naturel, there's no industry or large scale farming.
The weather is simular to ours: a degree colder in wintertime, a little warmer in the summer. 
The amount of rain is a bit more than in Belgium but usually comes in concentrated showers, 
so there's actually more sunshine :) also in winter!

Here, on this beautiful spot at the foot of Mount Beuvray, 
there are about ten houses, barns and buildings (for ex. a cheesemakery, stone breadovens), 
a large horse stable and a fairytale castle, amidst meadows, forests and small rivers. 
Together they form hameau Pierrefitte!

Our goal is to turn this place into a flourishing eco-village.


We will renovate the houses durable, energy efficiënt and ecologically.
Two big barns and part of the dependance will be turned into houses/living units, work shops, 
some studio's and assisted-living houses. (All have the possibility of a permanent adress.)

Also, we want to look into the different possibilities of using durable/alternative energy 
and apply this,so we can be as self-sufficiënt as possible. 
There will be a biological growgarden, there's a pond and water from our very own source.

The focus lies on a more natural way of living and working together, 
with enough space for everybody and retaining a small village character: you renovate or reconstruct your own place, 
you can start your own (small) professional activity or continue/expand your current activity.

Maintaining the domain together, we share in the work of the garden, caring for the animals, providing fire-wood,...
and we can encounter eachother in the communal kitchen, where we also, if necessary or desired, can enjoy a meal together. 
In the renovating period, this will be a very welcome and sociable occasion!

Ofcourse will you share in the yields of the garden and what the animals give us (eggs, milk, honey,...) 
Also we would like to be of service to our immediate environment and integrate us into the local life. 
To give you a better idea of the possibilities, check out the tab: Eco-village project


We would love to provide (in time) a classroom and activities,
to have the possibility of home schooling instead of sending the children to a French school. 
Home-schooling is known in the Morvan, with associations of young people in the vicinity (Luzy, Château-Chinon)
who gather weekly with their children for joint activities or letting them gain experiences.

'Everyone contributes in his own way to the living together in our little village, 
where we live and work together, connected and in harmony.
You take up your own place and are part of the great whole.'

We believe it is our intrinsic nature to live together in such a connected way, 
close to nature, to the rhythm of the seasons. 
                                                                       Come and be welcome!